harry james potter (airdancing) wrote,
harry james potter

friend locked! ♥ CURRENT.

friends locked.
please comment to be added!

It's difficult to write about myself without sounding like a total cliché. I'm nineteen and british. Everyone's got those fandoms that make them make silly noises and their insides do weird spasm type things. Mine are Harry Potter, Ace Attorney, British Comedy ♥, Kingdom Hearts, Disney films, Glee and Musicals.

This journal is mostly used for whining, fangirling, happy spam and general tomfoolery.

Disclaimer; I'm a lot happier than I used to be. I'm in love. Life is good. ♥

oh and btw, I'm Alex, nice to meet you.

contact ☎
msn; homoexplosion@live.co.uk
skype; alexisreallylame
aim; paddingly
Tags: !contact, !f-lock
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1. You have a very nice theme
2. You have very cute icons
3. You appear to have a cute personality
4. So, I wish to be your friend ////v////