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i am a teenage drama queen

harry james potter
2 July 1991
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(rah)²(ah)³+[roma(1+ma)]+(ga)²+(ooh)(la)², ace attorney, adachi's disco stick, anime and manga, barack obama riding a dragon, being a little monster, being a moeblob (with fangs), being odd, breaking you like an eskimo, breweries of cats!, british spelling, ducktales whoohooo, engerland, fucking on the dance floor, harry potter, i agree with nick, just general fangirling, keep calm and carry on, living in harmony harmony (oh love), my mascara runs in constellations, not actually a total persona fag, put your paws up, self esteem panda, shut up fuuka, team star kid, the english sense of humour, total eclipse of the heart, up yours capcom!, what's new pussy cat?, you're not me!! --oh shit, your bones on my bones baby,